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Daydream Beauty Therapy ギャラリー
デイドリームについて-about us

Relax, Renew and Redefine yourself at Hawaii's best kept secret, Daydream Beauty Therapy.

Pamper yourself from head to toe in relaxing private treatment rooms with assured treatment techniques trained in Korea and Paris. Our licensed and trained estheticians and massage therapists are committed to meeting your needs. 

At Daydream Beauty Therapy Spa, we provide the ultimate skin care services by using advanced techniques, quality treatments and products, we guarantee to dramatically change and revitalize your appearance.


Hee Kyung graduated the Beauty School in France and Korea and started her professional service since 1991. She took a certified instructor position at the Beauty Academy in Seoul, Korea. Hee has also built her career in Korea through offering her trained makeup and facial skills to talents and movie celebrities in Korea. 
After relocating to Hawaii 14 years ago and she trained at various salons and spas, obtained her Cosmetology license and then opened Daydream Beauty Therapy Spa. With her experience, she has combined the best techniques from European massage therapy, Chinese acupressure, and Korean style massage treatments.  From these combined styles, her own technique is used for lifting-up and tightening of facial skin, and slimming of the face, (Kogao).
Currently as an owner therapist at Daydream Beauty Therapy, she has 21 years of certified experience.

Daydream Beauty Therapy