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Daydream Beauty Therapy ギャラリー
スパ・サービス&サービス料金-services & price list
Facial Treatment Body Beauty Treatment Manicure & Pedicure
Eyelash/Makeup/Waxing Spa Package/Bridal
Facial Treatment
V-line Slimming Anti-aging Facial $150 (90-120mins)
  This anti-aging facial treatment is recommended for any age. Deep cleansing and exfoliation are used to remove dead skin and impurities, creating a better skin texture, improving skin elasticity and tightening of the skin. Hee’s powerful hand techniques are used to give energy and balance facial symmetry. This treatment also reduces double-chins, and slims the face. A collagen mask and a natural cooling mask are applied to the face. This treatment also includes a shoulder, neck, and scalp massage, a hand paraffin mask and our new air pressure foot massage.
Additional Treatment (extra charge) price
Cleopatra's 24K Gold Facial Treatment $65
Glykopeel Facial Treatment $40
Diamond Treatment $90

European Lympathic Care Facial $89 (70mins)
  This technique simulates the lymph nodes and promotes better circulation of the bloodstream around the face. A gentle cleansing and exfoliation are used to remove dead skin and impurities, creating a better skin texture. This massage technique improves the lymphatic drainage system. A customized mask is prepared to match your personal skin type. This treatment includes a shoulder, neck and hand massage.  
Acne Pore Cleansing Facial $120 (90mins)
  This treatment deep cleans pores flushing out white-heads, blackheads and impurities in your skin. Using high frequency to destroy acne-causing bacteria and our antiseptic mask will help to keep your skin clean and clear.  
Men's Zen Facial $120 (90mins)
  This is ideal for cleaning pores and soothing sun and razor burn with the healing properties of a hypo-allergenic mask and aroma essence oils.  
Additional Masks $15 each
  Pearl Mask
Collagen Mask
Thermal Mask
Paraffin Mask
Daydream Beauty Therapy